Data Storm

Data Storm is a free open source data base browser. While there are millions of data base browsers freely available online, Data Storm is different
as it can be launched directly from within your Java code. This enables you to see and modify data that otherwise may not be available to you.

You'll primarily find Data Storm useful when resolving problems during xUnit testing involving data bases.

Data Storm brings back join when working with test driven development (TDD). Have fun!


  • The jar is ultra-small and the app. ultra fast, using SWT rather than SWING (When tests are failing, the last thing you want is to sit and wait for the GUI to paint itself!) *SHUDDER*
  • The ability to inline state from the test code into the SQL being fired.
  • Requires JDK 1.4 (maybe even less!)
  • It's free (but do drop me an email if you like it ;-)

Find more details in the Motivation and Using Data Storm sections.

Image from the Amiga game Datastorm
by Søren Grønbech (used with permission)
The amazing game can be freely downloaded at

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